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Hit Refresh with Lassi App and Breeze through technology to simplify the way your customers order at your food courts and QSR.
Digital Menu & Food Ordering

  • Long queues, large crowds, waiting is more than eating?
  • Meanwhile, as restaurant owners, you and your team are scrambling to appease the already frustrated customers
  • And with perhaps the slimmer of hope, try to make them happy with your delicious meal.
  • Isn't this the usual scenario in the food courts?

Well, maybe it's time to declutter and simplify the entire food ordering experience.

Lassi is your go to Mobile App and Tablet Kiosk App for Superfast Express Ordering experience!

Digital Menu & Food Ordering

Lassi is a mobile and tablet app that enables a superfast express ordering experience to your customers.

  • Lassi Mobile App is installed on a custom built Lassi Tablet Kiosks that empowers customers to place orders in less than 60 seconds!
  • Order from any and multiple restaurant outlets in the food courts, breezing through the queues
  • Simplify with digital payments and going green with paperless receipts.
  • To top off customer satisfaction, increase your employee productivity, improve operating efficiency of your QSR and Food Courts!

Digital Menu & Food Ordering

Digital Menu & Food Ordering

Lassi Mobile App and Kiosk App is integrated with the customized menu of multiple restaurants on a single platform, making it easy for you and your customers to order from multiple restaurants @ tap touch!

  • Standing in multiple queues to order from two or more restaurants?
  • Order from multiple restaurants all being @ one place
  • Reduces Mad Rush Near Bill Counters
  • Say no to wrong orders. Increase Order Accuracy with digital menu
  • Customise food prep with Special Instructions

Integrated POS and Order Management

Digital Menu & Food Ordering

Our point-of-sales system powers your business with our intelligent insights and analytics. Apart from helping you maintain the orders and their traffic, it provides you with features such as order management and menu management.

  • No replacement of existing POS software and No Costly Software Migration
  • Change the prices @ your convenience with our Dynamic pricing
  • Comprehensive POS software for Free
  • Provide live order tracking to your customers and keep them informed
  • Say no to wrong orders. Increase Order Accuracy with integrated POS

Loyalty Programs & Promotions Management


Reward Your Loyal Customers

With our product, you can keep a track of your loyal customers with personalized promotions and build trust for a long-lasting relationship

  • Track your Regular Customers and create your own fan-base
  • Give your customers what they need with Customized Retargeting.
  • Let’s Build the trust as we know how precious this means to you.

Ubiquitous Digital Payments

Payment Options

A variety of payment options making payments an easy task i.e., they are just a click away to make the final payment with an imminent and impeccable technology.

  • Quick disbursement as we grow, when you grow
  • Ubiquitous Payment Options with support for UPI, Wallets, Credit / Debit Cards and more..
  • Let’s go eco-friendly, let’s Go paperless.!
  • Eliminate the Rush at Billing Counters. Pay for the order from office desk

Analytics and Business Insights

Analytics and Business Insights

Timely reports and business insights enable a better understanding of the pros and cons of your restaurant helping you to fill the gaps and build a transparent relationship with your customers.

  • Know Your Key Drivers as it's Easy to find the top movers
  • Customer segmentation, let’s you understand who likes what!
  • Easily identify your own Peak times
  • Want to know what's holding back?? Lassi recommends Scope for Improvement

Branding and Marketing

Branding and Marketing

Let us help you build your identity with personally customized promotions and quality services. We intend to make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Unique branding - create your own identity
  • The hardest task made easy..!! - easy Up-Selling and Cross-Selling
  • Run Events and Promotions at the most Optimal Times

Real-time Customer Feedback

Realtime Feedback

The instant feedback with overall rating acts as an icebreaker and helps you to understand your customer's requirement and get a clear cut idea of their needs.

Want to know real quick insights about what your customers think?? Get instant Feedback about food and services.


Lassi's modular and customizable product offering provides irresistible capabilities for QSR and Food Courts of all size, shape and complexities Please reach out to [email protected] directly if you have any further questions on pricing or onboarding process.


Lassi is a mobile and tablet app that enables a superfast express ordering experience to your customers. Refresh the way customers order their favorite food from your food court or QSR with Lassi's Breeze Through Technology

Lassi is a premium product of Sigaram Technologies   

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